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In 1923 the hotel “Bernina” opens.

It was constructed between 1920 and 1930 by Attilio Silvestri who was considered one of the first hoteliers in Livigno.
Born in a family devoted to land cultivation and farming, he worked as a porter, a lift man in the hotels of nearby Engadin just before the World War I. He worked as a a cook too in Bernina hotel in Samedan. After he had learnt the art and craft, he decided to project the hotel.

As there was no a central plumbing system the water was brought into the buckets from the small well which was situated in the subterranean area, near the kitchen. The electricity came from the the local electricity station “Restèl”.

Attilio was very interested in foreign tourism and he sent horses sledges to Drossa to bring the German tourists.
With the construction of the new hotel the running went to his son Francesco and nowadays the family business is carried on from one generation to another.

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